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Andrea Clausen

Managing Director

Since the expansion of our business interests including the establishment of FPS Ltd (a company that delivers postal and philatelic services on behalf of the Falkland Island Government, since 2014), Andrea has relocated her desk, and principally oversees the strategic and financial management of both companies.


Aside from overseeing FITT and FPS from a strategic level, Andrea is responsible for identifying and securing new contracts to expand our core business.






Sarah Rowland

Operations Co-ordinator

Sarah has re-joined the FITT team as our operations co-ordinator from November 2017. Sarah’s primary responsibility is for co-ordinating and delivering all tourism related tasks utilising our in house and bank of casual staff. Sarah also oversees the booking system for the vehicle maintenance servicing, and will take over the FITT book-keeping from March 2018.






Gus Clausen

Fleet Manager

Gus takes full responsibility for management of the garage and responsibility for overseeing the maintenance programme for the FITT fleet.






Nathan Johnson

Fleet Mechanic

Nathan has joined the team to assist Gus with the oversight of the FITT fleet ensuring that they are fit to work at all times, including routine servicing and general repairs as required. Nathan excellent experience as a mechanic has also enabled the company to offer third party vehicle maintenance services to the general public.






Casual Staff


FITT also employ around 40 casual employees who hold HGV, PSV1 or PSV2 licences or are guides for the tourist season.  Without these casual staff we could not provide the services we do to our valued clients.






+500 21775

+500 51775


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