Andrea Clausen

Managing Director
Job Description
Is now based off site as she oversees both FITT Ltd and FPS Ltd projects and puts feelers out for new contracts for both Companies.  But is still responsbile for the overall financial management of the Company.  

Started: 22nd June 2010

Leeann Harris

Office Manager

Job Description
Has overall managerial responsibility for staff and the operation of services provided by FITT Ltd; including maximising our footprint in the market place for on-ground passenger transport and cargo delivery; preparation of quotes for clients; and ensuring that the highest level of customer service is achieved at all times.

Also responsible for managing and executing the provision of tours for cruise ship passengers, in liaison with the Fleet Manager, for both those booked through our shore excursion partners and those booked privately.

Started: September 2010

Gus Clausen

Fleet Manager
Job Description
Management of the garage and responsibility for overseeing the maintenance programme for the FITT fleet.


Darren Roberts

Driver/General Assistant
Job description
The role includes the transport of passengers and freight as required including tours during the season,  and general cleaning and maintenance of the FITT fleet, as well as other tasks around the yard and garage.

Started:  14th August 2014

Maribel Campos

Office Assistant
Job Description

 Responsible for taking and processing of all bookings for transport and freight tasks including those relating to flights and any other general transport requirements; ensuring all bookings from clients are properly recorded in the diary and tasks noted on the white board; preparation of job sheets for drivers which need to be accurate in liaison with the Fleet Manager for vehicles;  assisting with organisatiaon of transport for tours including preparation of job sheets and snacks and brochures and any other general office tasks as required.

Started: 28th September 2015


Casual Staff

FITT also employ around 40 casual employee's who hold HGV, PSV1 or PSV2 licences or are guides for the tourist season.  Without these casual staff we could not fulfil our potential.