FITT Ltd was incorporated 29th January 1999 by Aarron Stewart. Prior to that, a bus service had been provided by a number of local residents from around 1991 onwards. Firstly Bob Stewart ran Bob's Buses largely transferring passengers between Stanley and Mount Pleasant Airport, for the MOD flights, as well as Jock Sutherland who ran The Highland Flier. Michael & Cherry Ford took over the bus business in the mid 1990's and expanded the business further into tour provision for Cruise Ship visitors and a School Bus service. At the time Aarron took over the business and established Falkland Islands Tours & Travel Ltd the cruise industry was entering a period of rapid growth and this provided the core business to the company. FITT also expanded into the taxi business with Stanley Cabs, vehicle servicing using the garage and local mechanic Timmy Francis (who went on to establish his own business Turbo Tim Motors) and also into freight haulage, in particular for the weekly LAN flight from Chile.

In 2000 Andrew Williams became a shareholder and with Aarron ran the company until 2003 when Andrew bought Aarron's share of the company.

In June 2010 Andrea Clausen bought the company from Andrew Williams and whilst retaining the majority of the core business interests, Andrea has diversified into the provision of Logistics Services and Personnel for the Hydrocarbon Industry currently operating off-shore in the Falkland Islands.